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Hello I am Enzo Cammarota and welcome to my site. I am based in Northen Tuscany, Italy, and my food blog is rooted in Italian food. I was born in Naples further south but I now live with my wife Celia and our daughter Isabella in one of the finest areas in Tuscany where the purest olive oil is produced. However in between I have worked in the US, UK and all over the world taking my passion for food with me and being an observer of local culinary traditions. My recipes have therefore been continually adapted to local ingredients but I have never forgotten my deeply embedded Neapolitan roots. As a child I was deeply immersed in our local food tradition and as soon as I was allowed, I joined my mother in the kitchen to help with the preparation of our never-ending family Sunday meals with a dozen people around the table enjoying ten or more courses. The best cookery school ever! I always remember with great nostalgia the conversation and laughter with friends and relatives as we all tucked in. Through this blog I will share the recipes that have been in my family for generations and those that I have been so generously shared by friends in Tuscany and beyond. But not only nostalgia and tradition play a part in my blog. All my life I have been curious about food so I am always learning something new and I love it! I enjoy researching old cooking techniques and recipes, especially in Italy. You will be surprised that some of them, still in use, go back to classical times or even to prehistoric epochs! I also love to source local produce and meet the people that are passionate about producing good food against all the odds!

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